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Norris Point in Lafollette TN offers great views of the Tennessee River and great views of Knoxville Lake. This lakeside Tennessee home looks like a perfect home for a family of four or even a small group of friends and family.

Norris Point is a quiet, peaceful lakeside community that offers beautiful, wooded lakeside properties on the gentle slopes and shores of Norris Lake. Norris Point residents are surrounded by beautiful views of the Tennessee River and Knoxville Lake, as well as a variety of wildlife. A designated horse riding trails, a golf course and many hiking trails make this lake a great place for horse riding. If you are thinking of making golf part of your lifestyle, you can stay in a house with a private golf club, golf courses or even a tennis court.

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See the inventory in Norris Lake across a variety of different types of homes, starting at $455k to $875k and more. Floor plans are available for a wide range of residential spaces, from single-family homes to multi-family homes.

The kitchen opens to the family room, which has an open floor plan with a large fireplace, screened-in living area and private dining area. white oak floors combined with stained concrete, refurbished barn wood and corrugated iron sheet it produces The perfect home for a family of four or five.

With many great attractions to suit your entertainment preferences, your time at Norris Lake will be unforgettable. With many of the best restaurants and bars in the area and many major attractions to keep you entertained, every time you visit Norris Lake will be memorable.

Norris Lake is great for various types of water recreation, but the perch is particularly good at Norris Lake. Winter winds bring the fish to the rocky coast, while the spring pushes them into the main channel. With many great restaurants, bars and attractions to choose from, you will know that your home lake is a good time to be on the water. Easily accessible by boat, boat ramp, canoe, kayak or even canoe, NorrisLake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Tennessee River Valley.

The lake has over 800 miles of wooded coastline and stretches over a plethora of secluded bays. Norris is part of Big Ridge State Park, which is close to the city and includes a popular campsite.

Much of the area is located in Norris Municipal Watershed, which covers over 1,000 hectares of wetlands and more than 2.5 miles of coastline and is used for deer hunting, including hunting and fishing, fishing and boating. Tennessee manages three state parks, including Big Ridge State Park, Norris Dam State Park and Norris State Wildlife Management Area. The Norris Dam and the dam itself have a total of 56,700 acres on the coast, of which 35,500 acres are still in use, but part of it has been sold.

Little Norris is a converted barn on a private driveway that connects the property to a single lane road in Devon. With barn doors and large windows for discussion, there is always time to dive in and out. The house is located just a few blocks from the Norris Municipal Watershed and is in the same neighborhood as the family home that was built in 2005.

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