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If you listen to country music, Nashville is not the perfect place to jam on a road trip through Tennessee. No road trips to Tennessee are complete without a stop in Nashville, Tennessee, home to the Nashville Music Festival and the Tennessee State Fair.

Norris Lake is located just 30 minutes north of Knoxville and is not far from many cities in Tennessee and Kentucky. Many of the towns around Norris Lake, however, offer charming antique, specialty and gift shops that Nashville cannot.

The Opry offered a wide variety of entertainment, including gospel singing groups and country variety acts like Uncle Dave Macon of Murfreesboro. The show welcomed some of the biggest stars in country music and helped establish Nashville as a recognized home for the evolving industry of the genre. Nashville became a commercial center for country music, the city's production appealed to a broad national audience, and the WSM Opris protected their airwaves on the network.

New visual representations, including those broadcast from the Grand Ole Opry, extended the reach of country music into American popular culture further than hillbilly music, which had become popular through early radio dances three decades earlier. By reworking and repurposing local and regional ethnic and musical traditions into a national entertainment format, programs like the Tennessee Jamboree have readapted and adopted the land - the dance genre of the music barn as a platform for quintessentially local expression.

The radio show "Live on the Tennessee Line" features banjo and fiddle music, and an interview with Burgess Hall explores the origins of country music tradition in the state of Tennessee and the history of its music and culture.

Taylor discusses the history of blues singing in Tennessee and its influence on country music in Tennessee, as well as the influence of blues on Nashville music.

Although Frazier lived in Cookeville, Tennessee, most of his life, he has won pretty much every fiddle contest, including the National Fiddle Contest and the Tennessee State Fair, as well as the Nashville Music Festival. Bryan is from McMinnville and grew up in East Tennessee with blues, country and folk. Kody learned early on the music of musicians like Doc Watson and Fred Luttrell, the first group to tour with Docatson during the folk revival of the 1960s. Guitarist Chet Atkins is a singer-songwriter and blues musician from Lutrell Legend Hank Williams Jr. also came from eastern Tennessee.

There are many followers of Monroe and bluegrass pioneers, including Hank Williams Jr. and dozens of others who popularized this style. Knoxville is full of rising - and - upcoming - country music stars, including country singers - songwriters like John Prine, Dixie Chicks and the like, who have led to great success in Nashville. An impressive number of Tennessee native artists have played a key role in the growth of the Nashville music scene as the Nashville and Knoxville centers have attracted more and more artists from across the state. In fact, according to the Tennessee State Fair's website, the Knox County Music Festival, "the Knox Valley Area could boast up to 1,000 musicians from the Southern Highlands and Southern Appalachians of Tennessee.

Two stations, WNOX and WROL, are the heart of radio in East Tennessee, and country music is the first station in Tennessee to emerge from one of the state's first stations, founded in 1922. In the 1960s, Nashville became the home of the Nashville Opry, the nation's oldest and most popular country radio station. Buoyed by the success of country singer and songwriter Hank Williams Jr., the Opries supplanted National Barn Dance as America's favorite country music program.

Familiarity is a bit strong, but the music on WNOX and WROL shares many of the same themes as the music of the Opry, such as country, blues and folk.

One such small station is WLAF in LaFollette, Tennessee, and one such barn dance program is the Tennessee Jamboree. The Tennessee, Tennessee for Tennessee and the Kentucky Country Music Hall of Fame and its radio program are modeled after the country music shows on WNOX and WROL and other radio stations in the region. As for new hybrid music, the listeners of LaLaLaf and Campbell Country are not familiar with the genre "Scheunentanz." This new "hybrid music," also called country, blues, folk, country - blues and folk - rock, is as much a part of the local music scene as it is commercial.

One of the 16-inch CDs contains "Arkansas Traveler," and an audio cassette, "Old Harp Singing," was recorded by Dr. Dougherty from Knoxville, Tennessee. Nancy LeBrun of WUOT in Knoxville, Tennessee, also recorded "The Tennessee Jamboree" and the Nashville Washboard Band, who performed at the Tennessee Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee, in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Love, I am not angry, but here I will rejoice, and when you are dead, when I cannot receive you, you will make me lonely. The New Harp Columbia anthology, which used the form-shaped notes from New York Times magazine, was used on a 16-inch disc and another 16-inch disc.

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